> Thursday Fellowship

(Near Boston University)

6:30 pm:
Food, Sharing, Speaking
7:00 pm:
Bible discussions & Reading
8:00 pm:
Vocabulary Word games

> Sunday Bible Study
(Near Harvard Square)

5:30 pm:
Food, Sharing, Speaking
6:00 pm:
English Bible Study




* Background *

Our group has started meeting since August 3, 2012 as The Boston International Christian Fellowship at First Baptist Church of Boston. Then we moved to Ruggle Baptist Church since August 2013. Our average attendance on weekly fellowship is between 15 and 30. The total number of registered members is about 80 students for two years. They are from more than 20 different countries around the world.

After we moved to our new location, we are getting more students from English schools in the Boston area. We can see a great potential to reach out more students because we are conveniently located near Green Line and have nice facilities.

BICF is organized by Pastor David Choi, managed by Dave & Kavitha Ledwig, and sponsored by Ruggles Baptist Church.

BICF provides Bible discussion sessions led by leaders, word games by Dave and Kavitha, and foods through the donations by a few Christians who love the international students.

875 Beacon Street Boston, MA 02115 l Tel: 617-213-0395 l bosicf@gmail.com
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